Summer 2008 Qi Dao Events

Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course

Qi Dao Home Study CourseIt has been just over two years since we moved Academy of Qi Dao from Portland to the little tropical island in the Pacific, where my wife Kali worked as an Assistant Attorney General of Guam. In this two-year period, our school has gone virtual by offering numerous teleseminars, video tutorials, podcasts and even videophone coaching sessions via Skype. But most importantly, I have published two books (paperback and hard cover editions of the bestselling book entitled Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong and its companion – Basic Qi Dao Workbook), produced a DVD on Harmonious Culture of Movement, as well as recorded an audiobook named The Art of Being in the Flow and a meditation CD Qi Dao Initiation. If you have already purchased some of these materials, you know why they are known for creating a new benchmark for Qigong publications. That is because they offer something that most other books, DVDs and CDs don’t – the freedom of choice and authenticity in the way the energy arts can be experienced. Moreover, all of these materials are now available in one convenient package called Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course, only 100 copies of which got printed last month, with one half of them already prepaid for.

Now you can learn the basics of The Art of Being in the Flow in the comfort of your home and at your own
pace. Our multimedia materials will make your learning process engaging and fun while transforming
your perspectives on the energy arts and life in general. In addition to learning how to function effectively
in your physical body, Qi Dao encourages you to explore the mind-body integration using energy as the
medium unifying all the aspects of your being. Furthermore, the Course focuses a fair amount of attention
on the states of consciousness that may facilitate (or otherwise hinder) being in the flow, as it guides you
in your exploration of these states.

Academy of Qi Dao coming to North America

Is it a great news or what? Well, since Qi Dao teaches to dispense with such notions as “good” and “bad,” let’s put it this way – we are about to move again. Kali’s contract with the Guam Government has come to an end and we are planning on moving back to North America. Note that we are talking about the continent in general, because we still do not know for sure where the flow will take us this time. Just like thirteen years ago, when I arrived to the States as a refugee and spent a couple of years exploring the North American continent, we may spend a while visiting different places in the US and Canada looking for the place, whose energy resonates with our energies best. Ultimately, we plan to find an ideal place for creating our own retreat center that would be home to Academy of Qi Dao, its student clinic, wellness center, etc.  In the meantime, we are open to suggestions and invitations, as well as appreciate any opportunities to offer teachings in the form of weekend workshops or longer retreats. If you wish to sponsor any Qi Dao events, please do not hesitate to email us at at your earliest convenience.

Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program

As you probably recall from our previous newsletters, Academy of Qi Dao has launched the Basic Qi Dao
Practitioner Certification Program this year. Our first pilot semester this summer proved to be very
educational – not only for the students but for the teachers too. We are currently improving our website
and adding some extras, including some audio and video tutorials, podcasts, Ask the Qi Dao Master blog
and a discussion board for the students. As soon as we implement some of these improvements, the
tuition for the Program is going to rise from $997.95 to $1,299.95. If you are seriously interested in joining
Academy of Qi Dao and aspire to become a Certified Practitioner or even a Qi Dao Coach, now is the time
to take advantage of the lower tuition, because it is going up next month. Call us at 671-488-0607 or
email for the packet of enrollment materials today. Once you have gone through
this program and received the Initiation into the Practice of Empowerment, you will never be the same!
Lama practicing Empowerment on the beach on Saipan.
The main thing distinguishing the Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program from any other Qigong
program is its focus on building a strong foundation for any further exploration of the energy arts. Most
such arts tend to begin with learning about the meridian system or running the energy currents through
the hands, but instead of that, Qi Dao first teaches you the principles of kinesthetic, energy and body
awareness that empower you to stand, move and breathe naturally, free of self-imposed limitations
and energy blockages. Once you have learned these simple principles and addressed any patterns of
holding tension in your body, you will be more than ready to delve into more challenging and exciting
aspects of our art. By the time you have completed this Program, you are bound to discover how to enjoy
and effortlessly facilitate:
           ·         Vibrant Health
           ·         Energy Awareness
           ·         Spiritual Awakening
           ·         Being in the Flow of Qi.

Harmonious Culture of Movement, energy awareness and lucid dreaming training will help you experience and embody the true essence of Tai Chi and Qigong: how to feel the flow of Qi and how to be in the flow. Our individually tailored Apprenticeship Program is designed to empower you to start practicing Qi Dao Coaching professionally while still mastering the energy arts at Academy of Qi Dao.

If you are seriously interested in becoming a Qi Dao practitioner, your best choice would be to undertake the Certification and Apprenticeship Programs leading to a Qi Dao Coach degree as well as Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Our programs are exactly what many Tai Chi teachers say they wish they had taken before studying anything else. Furthermore, our programs focus a fair amount of attention on the special state of consciousness that facilitates being in the flow, often referred to as Qigong state that is unique to Qigong masters.

Our Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program includes the following:

1. The Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course

2. Bi-weekly Teleseminars and Coaching Clinics

3. Monthly Qi Dao Coaching sessions by phone

4. A weekend workshop at the conclusion of the Program

The workshop is a very special event, because it allows me to interact with the students in person (some of them may come from as far away as Australia, Canada or Europe), test their skills and conduct a full-fledged initiation into the Practice of Empowerment, which is the cornerstone of the majority of advanced Qi Dao practices. If you are interested in joining the Certification Program, please call us at email to requesting an application form for the program before our tuition increases by over $300.00.

My Special Surprise Offer

While we were putting together this newsletter, I was thinking about some extra special ways to add value to this Program that can literally transform your life. I decided to make another irresistible offer exclusively for the subscribers of our newsletter: not only can you enroll for the Certification Program for only $997.95 but you will actually have an opportunity to participate in two workshops instead of one if you enroll by July 31, 2008! All you need to do is email us before July 31 and complete your enrollment to receive a FREE admission to the workshop in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, August 23, 2008.

If you choose to participate in that workshop without enrolling in the program, please register ASAP, since the tuition is only $150.00 until the end of July. It goes up to $175.00 if registered between August 1 and August 23 or $190 at door. For more information about this event, please go to Space is limited to thirty people only. The first ten registrants will receive a bonus: Qi Dao DVD for FREE!

Join us for the 2008 Annual Qi Dao Labor Day Weekend Retreat at the Oregon Coast

Ecola State Park on the Oregon Coast

Ecola State Park on the Oregon Coast

In the best traditions of the Bon, Buddhist and Daoist retreats, our Academy presents a unique opportunity to learn and practice Qi Dao in one of the most beautiful areas on the Oregon Coast. It is going to be an invigorating adventure combining Shamanic journeys with the healing power of Nature. Bring your fears, attachments and old beliefs to let go of in the wilderness. Come prepared for moderate hiking and more intimate connection with Mother Earth through the practice of Qi Dao outdoors.

During the retreat, you will explore a number of different aspects of energy arts with the emphasis on the communion between your inner nature with the world of nature at large. Nature can heal all human fears, attachments and illusions by opening your mind to the mysteries of the unknown. In the course of this retreat, you will be able to discuss and experience natural ways of transforming your perception of who you really are – a miraculous energy being. This will provide you with a direct experience of the flow of life force in your body and the world around you.

Join us as for this weekend of learning to see beyond the artificial filters of perception and layers of technology surrounding us in order to experience the true essence of Mother Nature as we enjoy her earth, water and sky. During this retreat, you will have a chance to practice Tibetan Dream Yoga while camping, hiking and exploring some of the most awesome places on the West Coast of America. You will have an occasion to experience practicing Tibetan Shamanic Qigong the way it was practiced for ages – in the wild. This unique event will also combine the meditation and rejuvenation aspects of Qigong and Tai Chi. In addition, you will be able to learn wilderness survival skills and develop friendships with other kindred spirits within our international community of adventurers.

Take advantage of the early bird discount – only $300 if you register before July 31, 2008. After that, the registration is going up to $350. No registration after August 23. The first ten registrants will receive another bonus gift: my bestselling book entitled Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong for FREE! To register, or for more information email today.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Lama Tantrapa and apprentices

P.S. If you are outside the US, please feel free to purchase our Home Study Course in Euros. Click Here To Pay in Euros. We will take care of the international shipping for you!

One thought on “Summer 2008 Qi Dao Events

  1. I have bought the Qi Dao home study course and have to say it is quite good. I have no previous experience with this sort of practices, but learning this system turned out to be easy and enjoyable using this course. Besides, the customer support is great: Lama even offered me a Qi Dao Coaching session for free. I am glad to be involved in such a supportive and enlightening community of like-minded people.

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