Ask the Qi Dao Master… How to survive the current crisis?

Let me share with you today one of the most peculiar aspects of the Qi Dao teachings: most of us live in a world of self-fulfilling prophesies. Whatever we focus our attention on gets stronger, or as the Chinese put it, “Yi Dao Qi Dao,” where awareness goes – energy flows. If we direct all our thoughts towards some undesirable events we are afraid of happening in the future, so to speak, daydreaming about the worst case scenarios that we keep rehearsing over and over in the head, guess what we are most likely going to experience? That’s right; we are going to manifest exactly those scenarios we dread so much!

At this point, you may be inclined to ask a million dollar question: What are we supposed to do now… think only nice thoughts about the economy and hope for the best? Well, believe me; I am far from proposing to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Just like I ask my Qi Dao Coaching clients, I would suggest that you experiment with switching from thinking about the undesirable scenarios to daydreaming about something you resonate with. Just remember that any thinking about the future by definition falls under the category of daydreaming; therefore, you have total freedom to dream up anything you resonate with. Once you actually come up with a scenario that is more acceptable and reasonably realistic, you may ask yourself the following question: How would I need to be in order to live my dream? It does not really matter how far you may be now from the way you need to be to manifest your dream. As long as you are capable of maintaining your vision of yourself being that way – be it stronger, smarter, more creative or simply calmer – you are actually tuning into the frequency of the energy of consciousness associated with that state. Generally speaking, the longer you maintain your focus on a certain state, the more of the energy associated with it will flow through you into every action you take in your daily life.

Now, let’s look at the economy of this country in general for a moment. As any economist would concur, the flow of money keeps the market strong, while any slowing of such flow weakens it. If people and companies do not spend money or circulate goods, the market freezes, mainly because of the psychological reservation associated with spending money when credit is not available. The worst case scenario can become a self-fulfilling prophesy on a national scale as well. So, what is the way to manifest a different, more exciting future? We need to release the grip of fear and tune into another, happier way of thinking. Since there is no way to make others think more positively, we must show an example of such thinking in action. As it were, we have to “walk the talk” in order to influence others.

To put my money where the mouth is, I am opening up my schedule to accommodate the first ten Qi Dao newsletter subscribers interested in receiving a free coaching session from me directly. If there are more than ten applicants, up to twenty more people will be able to receive Qi Dao Coaching on a sliding scale until the end of this year. Right now, Academy of Qi Dao is also willing to provide financing to ten additional students who exhibit a strong desire to enroll in the Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please email today.

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