The World Is Transforming Before Our Eyes! Are You Ready to Be in the Flow of Change?

Since America has flipped another page of its history with the recent election, a lot of changes have been happening in this country. All of us, not only in America but worldwide, are astonished by the transformation that this nation is now in the midst of. As I congratulate you with electing Barak Obama the next US President, which seems to be a dream come true to many people, I also wish to encourage you to live your own dreams in all aspects of your life. Although it may be great to finally have a harbinger of change for a leader, each and every one of us must recognize that we are essentially responsible for our own destiny.
You may feel both excited and anxious about your own future as well as the future of our society. I hope that you do not merely survive, but actually thrive during these times of change. How can you prepare yourself emotionally, physically and financially to face the dramatic changes that are ahead of us? Since change is the most constant thing in the universe, the easiest way to enjoy living through it (rather than struggle against it) is by being in its flow. After all, the degree, to which you enjoy greater relationships, health and wealth, depends on your ability to be in the flow.
Everything boils down to it, because everything is made of energy in this world, which is in constant ebb and flow.
I believe that the power of focused gratitude is greater than most of us realize. When you spend time with your family during these holidays, I invite you to experiment with taking some time to tell each other what you are thankful for. Although this may sound a little contrived at first, since you are bombarded with so many news that may distract you from being happy now, this may be an especially powerful thing to do at this point. I hope you recognize that there are multiple opportunities for growth and learning during the difficult times of change. The way you respond to the events
of your life determines whether you fill your life and the lives of others with more things to be grateful for.
Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces you can tap for your own benefit
too. Take a minute right now to think about the things in your life that you
appreciate. Even if you feel stuck in the trance of self-pity (which may happen every once in a while to most of us), you can quickly pull yourself out of that vicious circle by focusing on things you appreciate. Most people tend to focus on what they don’t appreciate, which only makes them unhappy. Think about it, if you resonate with something, don’t you attract more of it? On the other hand, if you neglect it or simply take it for granted, doesn’t that seem to increase suffering? Since, by definition, you can only focus on one thing at a time, I promise that this will make you feel really joyful and happy very quickly.
We will explore more of the energetic of the Law of Attraction in the next issue. Right now, let me share with you a unique approach to Qigong practice that will help you be in the flow of changes and discover the true essence of the Energy Arts. The following three paragraphs are excerpts from the only book in English on Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong by yours truly.
“When most people think of Qigong, they usually think of ‘doing forms’ – sets of choreographed movements practiced repetitively. I do not believe that the sages of antiquity, who originated Qigong thousands of years ago, had to study any ‘forms.’ Those masters created their systems of self-realization not by practicing some forms, but by discovering their own, authentic ways to experience their true nature. Since they were the original founders, they had no human teachers to emulate. They had to learn from Mother Nature as well as their inner nature. The founders of the oldest systems of self-realization had to rely on the knowledge gathered from their own personal experiences and some anecdotal stories about the miraculous powers of the ancient Shamans. They had to find empirically their own unique methods of being in the flow of Qi and experimenting with it. Such a genuine approach reared great Qigong masters, whose mastery was based on personal observation and exploration, rather than routine repetition of forms. Playing with each other and with different animals was the testing ground for their skills and powers.
“Alas, the tendency of the human mind to be focused on appearances instead of the inner essence eventually reduced many styles of Qigong, as well as Yoga, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, etc., to merely ‘doing forms.’ You would be hard pressed to find anyone who managed to achieve anything profound by emulating their teachers’ external appearances. In order to experience the authentic mastery of being in the flow, you will need to start by shifting attention from forms to the true essence of everything, starting with your own inner nature, which is pure energy.
“Comparing yourself to others is such an insidious tendency that many artists never transcend the stage of mimicking their role models. Yet the entire idea of mastery implies being natural in your art and authentic in your artistic expression. There is one style, however, that does not merely offer more routines to memorize or forms to repeat day in and day out, but teaches to develop the attitude of authenticity from the very beginning while allowing you to be natural. This style called Qi Dao recognizes that the flow is always different from one person to another and from one moment to another. This means that trying to copy the master’s movements or other actions is an attempt to grasp the form of the master’s experience rather than its essence. Such imitation would not enable anyone to be in the flow,
because being in the flow implies being in one’s own flow, not in someone else’s flow. Through the practice of Qi Dao you can learn to be truly authentic by perceiving the flow of Qi within you and throughout the world around you. By developing trust of the flow of changes you can learn to surrender to their flow and let it guide you in living your innermost dreams. Being in the flow will empower you to manifest your dreams effortlessly and gracefully.”
If you wish to read the first chapter of this bestselling book for free, please ask your most burning question about Qigong or its applications at and receive the chapter entitled Qi Dao Fundamentals as a bonus. We will present your questions to the Qigong masters interviewed for our forthcoming Radio talk show “The Secrets of Qigong Masters.” Although we cannot guarantee that every single question will be answered, as the most frequent questions will receive more attention, you will have an opportunity to listen to the interviews from the beginning of the next year. Moreover, your question will be automatically entered into the contest for the most interesting question, with the panel consisting of the masters we interview. The winner will receive an opportunity to be featured in one of our future shows. Please look for the link to listen to our Internet Radio talk show in the next issue of the Qi Dao newsletter.

About the Author: Lama Somananda Tantrapa is the lineage holder of Qi
Dao that has been fostered in his family clan for 27 generations.  Affectionately called Rinpoche by his students, he has over 30 years of experience in Qi Dao and other styles of Qigong, Yoga and martial arts. He was primarily trained by his Grandfather, the last Grand Master of Qi Dao. In addition to being a world authority on Qi Dao, he was recognized as an incarnate Bön lama, ordained as a Buddhist monk and initiated into Subud spiritual brotherhood. Lama Tantrapa is the author of the bestselling book and DVD entitled “Qi Dao – Tibetan Shamanic Qigong.”

Being an avid speaker and presenter, he appeared on many radio and TV programs in the US, Guam and abroad. He currently serves the Vice-President of the National Qigong Association. For more information about Qi Dao Coaching, workshops, retreats, and long-distance learning opportunities, visit

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