What would you ask a Qigong master?

As I am interviewing the top Qigong experts in North America for my Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters, I would love to be able to ask them the questions that you would ask them if you had a chance to. The caliber of the recent guests on the show is very high: Michael Winn, Jim MacRitchie, Bill Douglas, Bernard Shannon, Ted Cibik, and other fine Qigong aficionados. In the near future, we are planning on airing interviews with Bruce Frantzis, Yang Jwing-Ming, Effie Chow, Sam Masich, Suzanne Freidman, Lee Holden, etc.

Please submit your most burning questions on the Energy Arts, and I promise to ask the most frequent and interesting questions during the upcoming episodes of my show, which you can listen to at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/qigongmasters as well as download the archived episodes on your iPod or any other mp3 player for future enjoyment.

Speak to you soon,

Lama Tantrapa

2 thoughts on “What would you ask a Qigong master?

  1. As of late, the psychoneuroimmunologists in the depts of integrative medicine have been latching onto qigong principles like mindfulness meditation and experiencing success with their patients. CAM oriented doctors and even NIH is recognizing the importance of qigong as a healing modality by instituting National Tai Chi Day.

    Before this, the more esoteric researchers like Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1950’s were studying the phenomena of cosmic energy and its occurence as living bioenergy in the body; they learned that function creates form, an early precept of “forging the body in the fire of your spirit.”

    What do you propose is the next step to integrating qigong as a healing modality for advancing humanity into mainstream society?

    Thanks in advance. I wish all of you the best.

  2. Thank you for posting a great question. I agree that the mainstream society would benefit greatly from integrating Qigong into its midst. The regular practice of one Qigong method or another already keeps millions of the Chinese healthier than they might have been with all the pollution and malnutrition prevalent in that country. I believe that even in the US and other developed countries, millions of people also suffer from such issues. They could prevent and nip in the bud many health issues that cost billions of dollars through the practice of Qigong.

    I would say that we need to educate the public and the insurance companies about the tremendous opportunities to save lives and billions of dollars that the practice of Qigong has to offer. Why the insurance companies? Because, unlike the medical establishment, they make more money off of healthy people and lose money when their clients are sick. Who would be more interested in preventative care than the insurance business?

    I agree that the success of psychoneuroimmunologists and other Complimentary and Alternative Medicine practitioners needs to be celebrated through the National Tai Chi Day and other events. In fact, just two weeks ago, people all over the world celebrated the World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. An entertaining and enlightening interview with the founder of that event Bill Douglas is available for download at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/qigongmasters.

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