Holistic Fitness and Wellness Video

Have you ever felt like the exercises that you were trying to do to get stronger or leaner were too repetitive, boring, and just didn’t feel good? This is the reason why millions of people fail in their New Year’s resolutions. They begin the year with the best intentions in mind just to quit a month or two later, as they become disillusioned or bored by their exercise routines. The epidemic of obesity in America is rampant, and the main reason behind it is lack of movement that has become standard among people living more and more sedentary lifestyle nowadays.

What is the solution to this challenge? Get a personal trainer, who would keep pushing and nagging to stick with the program? Get into a group exercise class, where you would feel the peer pressure to keep up? Repeat positive affirmations every day, so you stay on track with the self-discipline?

I have tried all of these and many other options that are quite popular among the “gym rats” and everyday exercisers alike… and I still did not feel that either of them was natural or fun. Dreading the workout is not a way to train, especially if you are doing it for a living, and I was running my own gym in downtown Moscow, Russia back then. After many months or trial and error, I managed to distill the quintessential principles of training into a uniquely easy to learn and fun to practice program combining strength and endurance training.

What? You may doing a double-take, because normally training is either aerobic – for endurance – or anaerobic – for strength; however, your eyes did not lie to you. I mean exactly that – the program you are about to discover for yourself seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds: the most balanced way to build tremendous strength as well as the cardio-pumping aerobic exercise, which you may adjust to fit to your individual needs on the fly. All of this combined with the low-impact, smooth and circular culture of movement that is completely free of jerky, start-stop motions that may damage your joints and tendons, causing more harm than good. Instead, this program is based on the most harmonious and efficient culture of movement that can be used not only in your training, but throughout your daily life.

In order to really appreciate this program, consider its four main principles:

1) Enjoy the training days more than the days of rest;

2) Feel better after the workout than before (and no soreness the day after);

3) Have so much fun exercising that you would want to exercise more every day;

4) Get the results quickly and consistently, which builds confidence in the progress you are making.

Please enjoy watching the video below and subscribe on the right to receive more videos about this program for free:


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