Qigong Therapy

Experience the Healing Miracles of Therapeutic Qigong

As an integral system of Oriental medicine, Qigong is based on the coherence of human energy fields within the universal flow of Qi, or life force. Qigong Therapy manifests a bridge between the body-oriented Somatic Therapies – Movement Therapy, Acupressure, and Kinesiology – and such the modalities working with the unconscious mind as Meditation, Hypnosis and Dream Yoga. Its approach to movement and bodywork is deeply rooted in the archetypal field of human consciousness, our true nature. It allows the true nature, or Dream-being, to reveal itself spontaneously through the fluid and natural movements of the physical body.

Your therapeutic sessions with a Qigong Master may provide you with the following benefits:

• Healing and preventing injuries
• Accelerating healing processes
• Relieving chronic and acute pains
• Boosting your immunity
• Releasing chronic tension
• Balancing your nervous system.

Qigong Therapy can help you re-establish harmony with the flow of Qi – universal life force. It is a natural way to regain your authentic energy balance. By letting the energy to flow exactly where it is needed, this practice allows what is natural within you to unfold spontaneously. Acupressure, as a part of Therapeutic Qigong, is a hands-on, drugless and non-invasive method of relieving pain that emphasizes fast and cost effective recovery as well as your active participation for long-term benefits. With a gentle application of pressure using fingers or thumbs, it can relax muscles, improve circulation and alleviate pain in all parts of your body. It can also enhance your posture, mobility and athletic performance through the increase of your strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and energy. For an additional increase in your energy level, Energy Enhancement may be recommended in conjunction with Qigong Therapy.

Private sessions in Qigong Therapy are most beneficial when received weekly. To schedule your private sessions with Lama Tantrapa or his apprentices, please email us at academy@qidao.org now.


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