Get Coached

There are Three Ways to Get Coached Qi Dao Style

1) Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

Quarterly Commitment: $500/month (Includes Qi Dao Academy Membership!)
Monthly Commitment: $600/month (Includes Qi Dao Academy Membership!)

    2) Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

    Qi Dao Academy Membership: $199/month (month to month)
    Includes access to tele-seminar downloads and more!

      3) Coaching Sessions with Qi Dao Apprentice Students

      Single Session: FREE! (limited availability)

        Please contact us at to schedule your FREE introductory coaching session!

        Qi Dao Mastery Coaching for Being in the Flow

        Coaching is based on an empowering and enlightening personal relationship that encourages you to perceive the flow of your life in this constantly changing world. It can enhance your awareness enabling you to be totally present, which translates into Being in the Flow. Only when you are in the flow, can you effortlessly gain access to the abundant source of inner wisdom and power. Being in the flow means to be able to manifest your innermost dreams and live to your highest potential.

        During your sessions, you will learn to recognize the flow of your life, including all the details of your current situation, as your valuable learning resources that can help you live your dreams… however paradoxical it may sound. Your coach will assist you in developing a clear vision of your dream, which will make it much easier to manifest it, as it is hard to manifest any dream you are not aware of. You will also learn to focus your attention on the energy of your life’s purpose, the dream you aspire to manifest, in order to find the energy within you that is in resonance with that dream. The mere fact that you have your dream indicates that you already have some energy resonating with its manifestation. The main question you will need to find the answer to is: ”How would you need to be to make this energy your driving force that would empower you to manifest and live your dreams?” Finding the suitable way of being and learning to consistently be that way will undoubtedly bring about manifestation of your innermost dreams and aspirations. Your coach is going to become your best friend, even better that the best friend,

        You can enhance the quality of every sphere of your life through personal coaching with a Tibetan Shamanic Qigong Master as your life mentor and spiritual guide. Lama Somananda Tantrapa, Rinpoche will custom design your own unique coaching strategy to meet your specific needs and goals, be it mastering Dream Yoga, boosting your self-esteem, developing creativity and intuition, living a healthier lifestyle, or experiencing peak performance. If you are interested in enhancing your athletic abilities, Energy Enhancement may be recommended in addition to Peak Performance Coaching. The applications of Qi Dao Coaching include:

        • Facilitating peak performance
        • Developing spontaneity and creativity
        • Eliminating fears and self-limiting beliefs
        • Focusing attention: “Energy flows where attention goes”
        • Improving attitude by altering beliefs: “You experience what you believe in”
        • Manifesting your dreams of abundant wealth and well being.

        Your coaching sessions may be scheduled once a week for up to an hour each. They may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via the Internet. The duration of your coaching program may vary from three months to one year or more, as you deem necessary. To launch your Qi Dao Coaching program with Lama Tantrapa, please email us at to schedule an initial consultation.