Career Opportunities

Qi Dao has six main aspects of practice correlating to the six major historical branches of Qigong:

• Daoist Qigong for wellness and longevity
• Martial Qigong for peacemaking and conflict resolution
• Tantric Qigong for spiritual development through enlightened relationships
• Therapeutic Qigong for holistic healing and health care
• Confucian Qigong for organic community building
• Buddhist Qigong for spiritual awakening in the dream called life.

These applications are usually taught in a similar progression, introducing more advanced ones while continuing practicing all the previous ones. As it is a lifelong practice, our four-year long program is mostly designated to train you to a level where you will be able to continue your studies informally while practicing Qi Dao professionally.

Upon your graduation from Academy of Qi Dao with a spiritual degree of Qigong Coach, you will be able to pursue an exciting career path of coaching group and semi-private classes at the Academy and affiliated organizations. With Master’s level degree you will be able to work as a Qigong Master Coach at various health clinics, spas, cruise ships, wellness centers, alternative medical schools and institutions as well as to establish a private practice in Qigong Coaching. The Doctorate level of training will provide you with all the necessary coaching in setting up Qigong Clinics, presenting workshops and seminars at a great variety of venues, facilitating retreats and/or operating a retreat center affiliated with the Academy.

But the most exhilarating opportunity is, of course, in manifesting your innermost dream – the dream of being whomever you have always dreamed of being.


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