Lama Somananda Tantrapa, Qi Dao Master Coach

Academy of Qi Dao and Portland Qigong Clinic grew naturally from the seeds planted early in the life of the Founder Lama Somananda Tantrapa, Tulku. After receiving extensive Qi Dao training as his family lineage holder, he went through the trials and tribulations of being a sergeant in the Soviet Army’s Special Forces. Exposure to the realities of military conflicts turned his interests to the healing arts and peaceful conflict resolution.

Lama Tantrapa spent many years studying Buddhism, Daoism and Bon, traditionally known as Tibetan Shamanism. As a reincarnate Bon Lama, he carries a title of a Tulku and was ordained as a Buddhist monk in three different traditions: Tibetan Nyingma, Thai Theravada and Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji. Before leaving for America, he actively participated in peace marches and conferences in the former Soviet Union supporting the peace work of his spiritual mentor and friend Junsei Terasawa who aspired to build a Peace Pagoda in the center of Moscow, Russia.

After many adventures, including persecution in his home country Lama Tantrapa received religious asylum in the USA and chose to settle in Portland, Oregon. In 2000 he founded Academy of Qi Dao in order to promote and preserve the ancient tradition through new generations of practitioners. He has recently established Portland Qigong Clinic offering Therapeutic Qigong Coaching to the Academy students and others interested in wellness and spiritual healing. Lama’s teachings are genuinely original, evolving continuously from the roots of Tibetan Shamanism as well as the Buddhist, Tantric, and Daoist traditions.

As the founder of the Academy, Lama Tantrapa maintains that his goal is not just to train students to an advanced level, but rather to grow Qi Dao Masters, thus setting the highest standard for Qigong schools and clinics in the United States.

Kali Samaya Tara, JD, Qi Dao Coach

A career of coaching, mentoring and advising others has provided Kali with the expertise to assist individuals and groups in establishing and manifesting their goals. Using a client-centered, holistic approach to promoting greater awareness of self, she is able to help people lead more empowered and satisfying careers and lives.

Since 2003, Kali served as a public interest lawyer which led her from the West Coast of Oregon to the South Pacific.  She has served in Oregon as a member, secretary and chair of the Oregon State Bar’s Public Service Advisory Committee, has been committed to Pro Bono work for Legal Aid Services of Oregon, and was selected as an Oregon State Bar Leadership College Fellow in 2009 recognizing her talents as a future leader for the legal community.

In 2004, Kali began studying with Lama Somananda Tantrapa, a Qigong Master, Tibetan Lama and Religious Asylee from the former Soviet Union. Her commitment to practicing Qi Dao, a style of Qigong that incorporates powerful martial arts, energy arts, healing arts, meditation, dream yoga and spiritual practices into daily life, has transformed her life. Now Kali wants to use this experience, as well as her experience as a lawyer, to assist others in reducing stress, finding balance, performing at peak, and manifesting their life’s purpose.


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