Certificates and Degrees

Academy of Qi Dao offers the following spiritual educational certificates and degrees:

1. Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certificate
2. Intermediate Qi Dao Practitioner Certificate
3. Advanced Qi Dao Practitioner Certificate
4. Qi Dao Coach Degree
5. Qi Dao Master Coach Degree
6. Ph.D. in Qi Dao Coaching

Studying at the Academy is as an ongoing process of self-realization. While this catalog describes a formal academic program, we handle individual situations in a relaxed and sensible manner. Our degrees and certificates are granted more on the basis of skill than merely hours of study. Therefore, the hours and years of study are rather minimum requirements than a rigid time frame. Your attainment of degrees and certificates may be essential part of your training but this should not be the reason for your training.

As you, the student, progress in your understanding of Qi Dao, the process of evaluation will become more challenging. This is to insure that you incorporate the practice more and more into your entire being rather going through the motions or just completing a certain number of hours of training.


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