Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest is a wholesome, all encompassing event, offering you an opportunity to perceive and enjoy the flow and perpetual rhythm of Nature. Such a journey exposes you to a more integral sense surrounding the pure nature of reality. You’ll witness experiencing a dramatically diverse environment while feeling encouraged suspending your ordinary way of life. This process enables you to reset your present feelings and thinking patterns. When you accept the challenge involved in changing the usual way you perceive life and respond to life, you’ll know an altered state of consciousness ultimately revealing new and unexpected dimensions into every aspect of life.

Soon, subtle changes in your perceptions and behavior begin unfolding. Your overall sense concerning the “civilized world” lessens, thus paving the way for change. An immediate necessity to deal with unfamiliar and changing surroundings becomes the dominant living mode. There remains a natural caution against any unsafe moves that might threaten your survival in any way. Swift streams, fallen trees, and numerous other obstacles hidden under the debris, not to mention wild animals, birds and an array of insects create an ever changing and wondrous environment. Yes! You are on the journey to the unknown! As your adventure quest progresses new living practices start to replace the old ones, and since some old stereotypes are easy to dismiss, others have a tendency to cling like dried burrs. Any challenge concerning their existence can cause discomfort and irritation. Psychologists deem this as “defenses of the self.”

Nature’s unfathomable magical world will alter standard perception while revealing the very essence surrounding the natural way of life. This process invites you to participation and heartfelt exploration. Further study will only entice the desire for a deeper understanding into your own true nature. At some point of living, and being one with the natural rhythms of the wilderness, the inner and the outer worlds will begin to look the same. It’s as if they converge in a harmony. Together, they provide a glimpse of an integral reality – life made whole. Nature has accomplished its task of creating and revealing its own world. You need to complete your task of being no more indifferent in this awesome world. In a natural environment, every sound tells a story of the dance of nature. Your eyes and ears must be fully open, ready for any surprise that may occur at any moment of the Adventure Quest. Initially, your “internal noise” may become louder against the natural background. Your needs, desires, denials, and self generated expectations, as well as the plain mental and emotional business may become very prominent. They impact and modify your relationship to the to the world – they influence everything that is seen and done. From this comes the realization that every self-directed desire thought restricts your ability to be more present in the “here and now.” Take them as a reminder of the two worlds – nature and the self – being still separate.

Eventually, in that wild silence, your mind cannot stand it any longer. The internal world with its self-induced noise simply dissolves. The external silence meets the internal emptiness. Alertness and awareness of nature are so intense that everything is easily taken in and let go. No minor detail, even the smallest bug is irrelevant in the wild. Everything is a message – a lesson for you, because every single thing in nature is a part of the totality. Suddenly, when your attention is unrestricted, it discovers a new and wonderful world of nature with no additions or subtractions. All is absorbingly interesting – nothing is trivial. After a while, in the silence of the mind, the dance of nature embraces everything with no beginning and no end! What a splendid world! How can you not love it?

You become a fragment of the dance of nature. Your movements cease to be random and uncoordinated. Full alertness accompanies every step, strong and deliberate, as a part of the entire dance. Every sentient being, plant, and even dry leaves dance with you. Streams, rocks, and clouds – all take part in this magnificent choreography. Your self is reduced to a silent point of intense awareness. You start to dance in a previously unknown way, the way of a Shaman.


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