What Is Dream Being?

A: As the moderns Physics maintain, we all are made of energy, the whole world is made of it. This energy is the universal life force that is constantly in its own ebb and flow, flowing exactly where it needs to flow according to its magnetic resonance. It is impossible for us, humans, to comprehend all the multidimensionality and vastness of the energetic universe we are a part of.

Everything we know about our lives is based on memories, just like our knowledge of our dreams. In dreams, too, everything is made of energy which flows along with the flow of dreaming. The true nature of the world of dreaming is identical to the nature of this dream that we call our life. Going with the flow of dreaming brings about a profound sense of well-being, versus going against the flow which turns the dream into a nightmare.

Being in dreaming is an example of establishing a bridge between the conscious minds (who we identify with as “self”) and the part of ourselves that is unknown to the conscious mind (we call it Dream-being). Like a submerged part of an iceberg, Dream-being is huge and constitutes the true Self, who we really are. It constantly reveals itself through both night dreams and daily life.

Human beings can realize that they are dreaming while having a dream in order to become lucid and to identify with Dream-being, the true creator of their experiences. The process of awakening to the reality of dreaming can be facilitated by the means of practicing remembrance (remembering and reminding ourselves that we are dreaming during the daytime). Such a practice (coincidentally called dream-being, too) implies surrendering to the flow of energy and setting ourselves free, totally natural and spontaneous, which is referred to as “being in the flow.”

In order to experience such a degree of freedom, it may be easier to first imagine being in the flow while daydreaming. As we establish a bridge between the conscious mind and Dream-being, we can receive a gift of power, a luminous energy ball which offers kinesthetic, visceral perception of the flow of energy. This energy ball initially manifests between our open hands providing us with direct guidance and healing power of Dream-being.


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