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Welcome to the site dedicated to promoting your life enrichment and spiritual awakening. As you browse these pages, you will discover the teachings of Qi Dao that can empower you to realize your full potential as a healer, lover, martial artist, and spiritual adventurer. The ultimate goal of our events, study programs and publications is for all of us to manifest our common dreams of wellness, freedom, and happiness by learning to be in the flow of life, rather than struggling against it or trying to push it, where we may think is the “right” way to flow.

Do you want to solve your own and other people’s problems effortlessly?

In the West, when most people think of Qigong, Tai Chi, or similar Internal Arts, they usually think in terms of “doing forms.” Even if you spent years routinely practicing certain forms you learned from an instructor or a video, in all likelihood, you can still only dream about performing the amazing feats of power demonstrated by the true masters of these arts. Wouldn’t you like to find a shortcut to their levels of concentration and healing abilities before you turn into a robot programmed to repeat those forms day after day?

You are going to love what you are about to find out

Thanks to an incredibly auspicious confluence of circumstances, Lama Tantrapa, the holder of the Qi Dao lineage of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong, came to America and eventually agreed to share his unique tradition with a small number of devoted students. The foundational part of his crystal-clear and good-humored teachings has been recently published for the first time in English. His Basic Qi Dao Home Study Course, complete with his bestselling book Art of Being in the Flow, serves as one of the textbook for the Basic Qi Dao Practitioner Certification Program.

Please go to http://www.QigongCoaching.com/basic to enroll in this program.

Go to http://www.QigongCoaching.com/courses to order the Home Study Course to build a strong foundation for any further studies of the “art of being in the flow.”

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