Academy of Qi Dao is a spiritual educational organization dedicated to training people interested in alternative healthcare and spirituality in the ancient art of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong. We offer a series of Certification Programs leading to the the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in Tibetan Shamanic Qigong. Our programs includes in-depth training in numerous Qigong, Dream Yoga and Internal Martial Arts practices that will enable you to enjoy greater emotional and physical well-being. You will learn to integrate the knowledge and insights gained throughout the course of your training into a holistic lifestyle. Our program will inevitably inspire you to the highest levels of personal energy, wellness and fulfillment.

As a beginning Qi Dao student, you are going to learn the basic principles of kinesthetic, energy and body awareness and how to apply them to self-healing, martial arts and meditation. The Intermediate Program places a greater emphasis on the therapeutic and spiritual applications of Qi Dao. The senior year will be filled with more advanced methods, including the Daoist, Tantric, and Buddhist practices, as well as Shamanic journeys. At the same time, or after receiving the Advanced Qi Dao Practitioner Certificate, you will be able to enter our Apprenticeship Program to learn how to provide Qi Dao coaching under the supervision of an experienced Qi Dao Master Coach.

At our Academy, you have a rare opportunity to learn the principles and practices of Qi Dao through an apprenticeship to a bona-fide Qigong master in addition to all our workshops and seminars. Upon your graduation, you will be able to receive our continuing education, support and coaching in developing your own holistic healing practice or spiritual retreat center. If you qualify for the Master’s program, a fair amount of your time will also be dedicated to learning how to coach clients at the teaching practicum and clinical internship.

Our certificates and degrees are granted more to reflect the attained level of skills than to merely acknowledge the number of hours of study. Therefore, the hours and years of study are minimum requirements rather than a rigid time frame. Getting degrees and certificates may be an essential part of your training, but it should not be the reason for your training, since practicing Qi Dao is as an ongoing process of self-realization. Although this website describes a formal academic program, we handle individual situations in a relaxed and sensible manner.


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