Apprenticeship takes the process of Qigong practice to the professional level by learning to apply it practically. It is an adjunct to the Advanced Practitioner Certification Program designated to provide hands-on experience in Qigong Coaching.

The Apprenticeship is open to Advanced Qigong Practitioners with either Patron or Sponsor levels of membership. The Apprenticeship does not have to stop at the graduation but may continue in the form of Internship that is required for the Master’s degree. Upon receiving one’s Master’s degree, the graduate can enter into Residency that is required for the Doctorate degree.

Apprenticeship entails at least 20 hours per month of assisting in coaching the following:

·Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced group classes

·Monthly seminars

·Monthly “walkshops”

·Semi-private sessions

·Practice groups.

It also requires volunteering at least 20 hours per month in the administrative or other activities of the Academy and/or Clinic. Work-study program may be arranged on the individual basis.

Observing Sessions
The student who is not yet qualified for the Apprenticeship can become an Apprenticeship Candidate. Before the Candidates become Apprentices, they are required to observe a few sessions at Portland Qigong Clinic to get a general idea about the work of a Qigong Coach. Before beginning their observations, the Candidates must sign an agreement with the Clinic that covers their rights and responsibilities.

Apprenticeship Circles
Apprentices attend bi-weekly Apprenticeship circles where they can share and discuss the experience of learning and practicing Qi Dao. Some circles may take the form of coaching clinics while others may involve outings to various locations.

Practice Group
Apprentices facilitate bi-weekly practice groups. The practice groups meet to review the lessons from the monthly seminars through discussions, readings, or questions and answers.

Assisting Coaches
Apprentices assist their Qigong Coaches in conducting progressively greater range of Qi Dao training, beginning with simple warm-ups on up to conducting group classes under the supervision of the Qigong Coaches.

Supervised Coaching
When the Apprentices graduate, they may become Interns and start providing the clients of Portland Qigong Clinic with full Qigong Coaching under the supervision of their mentor.


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