What is Qigong?

Within the vast universe of wellness traditions, Qigong is one of the most ancient teachings that are being practiced worldwide. It is a foundation of Oriental medicine based on coherence of universal energy fields. Qigong works with the whole human being, rather then some particular symptoms, by the means of awakening you to the transforming flow of Qi – universal life force.

When people encounter such issues as chronic pain in any part of the body, they customarily tend to focus their attention on the feeling of pain, as if it were a problem, or an energy block. Qigong teaches you to shift the attention from the appearance of the block to the true essence and the meaning of the challenge, the dream behind it. The true purpose of challenges is to enlighten you to the flow of energy that goes around the block, like water flowing around an obstacle on its way. This allows you to resolve the inner question: “If I were dreaming about having an obstacle like this, what would be the meaning of such a dream?”

Scientific research has credited Qigong with improving physical health and enhancing mental faculties. It not only addresses the person’s issues on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, but also balances all these levels. It helps to break through a lifetime of old habits and programmed patterns of movement and body awareness. As a result, Qigong allows what is natural in us to unfold spontaneously.


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