Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling, Meditation and Dream Yoga

Do you have to deal with any challenges that have been reoccurring in your life? When you encounter chronic challenges, be those health, relationship, environmental, or spiritual issues, you may tend to focus your attention on the façade of the problem, as if it were an energy block. Spiritual Counseling will enable you to shift your attention from the appearance of all such issues to their true essence, “the dream beyond the façade.” The true purpose of challenges life throws your way is to enlighten you to the flow of energy that streams around the block, like water flowing around an obstacle on its way. Although it may not flow where you might expect it to flow, it flows where it has to flow according to the laws of nature. This shift in attitude may allow you to resolve the deeper question beneath your issue: “If I were dreaming about overcoming a challenge like this, what would be the meaning of such a dream?”

Spiritual Counseling with a bona-fide Tibetan Lama offers you an opportunity to quickly release many psychological or psychosomatic issues by re-patterning your attitude towards life. Lama Tantrapa’s abilities to uncover your subconscious beliefs will assist you in exploring your emotional and behavioral patterns. This will enable you to address your subconscious mind directly thus empowering you to embrace new resources that can help you enjoy all the happiness and abundance life has to offer.

As your spiritual counselor, Lama Tantrapa will support you in transcending the lifetime of old habits, beliefs and stereotypes of self-awareness. He will use the non-invasive methods that will powerfully affect and transform any old negative beliefs and habits, allowing a new identity of whom you really are to emerge. Such a self-discovery will help you achieve your goals and manifest your dreams quickly and easily.

Spiritual Counseling is most beneficial when received weekly with a minimum of three months commitment. Each session is up to one hour long. To schedule your private sessions with Lama Tantrapa, please email us at academy@qidao.org now.


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