Qigong Coach Degree

The degree of a Qigong Coach is granted to the students with the Advanced Practitioner Certificate after a year of Apprenticeship.

Program Description
This is the level at which the student actively participates in the Qi Dao community by engaging in volunteer work and leading practice groups as Apprentices.

Suggested Course Work and Hours of Study
Minimum 500 hours: 300 hours of the Advanced Certificate Course Work plus minimum 200 hours of Apprenticeship

~ Professional communications skills
~ Beginning and Intermediate level Qigong Coaching skills
~ The practical applications of energy recycling
~ Standard applications of attention and touch
~ Personality and the patterns of holding tension.
~ Practice group facilitation skills
~ The fundamentals of Tibetan Dream Yoga.

~ Professional qualification to practice Qigong Coaching
~ Applying the body- and energy awareness in interpersonal relationships
~ Assisting people with their processes of healing and learning
~ Learning to apply being in the flow in daily life
~ Exploring the spiritual aspects of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong.

Certificates:  Basic Qigong Practitioner Intermediate Qigong Practitioner Advanced Qigong Practitioner
Degrees:  Qigong Coach DegreeQigong Master Coach Degree Ph.D. in Tibetan Shamanic Qigong


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