The Dao of Dream-being

The Dao of Dream-being

All of us, humans, seek to manifest our innermost dreams. Of course, our dreams differ: Some of us desire to have a four bedroom dream house with all modern conveniences (preferably, in some quiet suburbia), others dream of winning a million dollars in a lottery, some even hope to become a movie star and cruse in a convertible Ferrari around Hollywood. Most of us would love to have a perfect partner, a man or a woman of their dreams. What woman, for instance, would not wish to manifest a “Prince Charming” who would sweep her off her feet and take her to his dream world?

Just for a moment, picture yourself in a world where men and women can live in peace and harmony with each other as well as the world around them. People there can feel much more in touch with their own true nature, the source of their dreams, or Dream Being, as I prefer to call it. Everyone feels totally secure and free of any artificial limitations imposed on them by any environments, societies, or belief systems. In such a dream world, every human being has an equal opportunity to live a happy and healthy life enjoying all the abundance life has to offer.
Imagine a world where every child and adult can feel encouraged and empowered to openly experience and explore their greatest potentials allowing them to blossom fully. In our dream world, the powers that used to be considered paranormal or supernatural are a matter of course of everyday life. Would not you like to live in such a wonderful world, the stuff of myths, legends and fairy tales?

In my new book named The Dao of Dream-being, I am going to present a simple, but profound way of opening ourselves to the dreamlike reality of our universe. Such traditional methods of awakening ourselves to the true nature of the dream we are used to call life are based on a natural ability that many of us exhibit absolutely spontaneously. It is the ability to become lucid during the night dreams simply awakening to the reality of the dream while continuing to have a dream. The ancient art of Tibetan Dream Yoga has been developed into a unique spiritual path that is free of dogmas, doctrines, or creed.

As any Shamanic practice, the practice of Dream Yoga is very multifaceted and holistic, for it embraces and works with the entire dream being, rather then some particular parts, such as mind, body, spirit, etc. It offers profound insights into the relationships between all aspects of human life as well as the relationships between humans and the rest of the world of nature. Our attitude towards earth and everything upon her face has been very destructive, which ultimately means self-destruction. This is so due to a simple fact that we have to realize in order to survive and manifest our lofty dreams.

As a species upon this earth, we are lost in the illusory world of the linear mind, living in an identity of a separate self that is distinct from the rest of the world “out there.” Such a mistaken identity crisis leads us to mistreating and abusing everyone around us, ourselves included. It is true, whether we are speaking of hunger and starvation throughout the world, or the sexual abuse of children and women. It is true whether we are speaking of the personal pain experienced in dysfunctional relationships, or whether we are speaking of the exploitation of our natural resources in a way that is leading to environmental catastrophe and eventually to our own self-destruction.

At the source of all suffering is the human ego that believes in stereotypical thought forms and beliefs taking us deeper and deeper into illusion and further and further away from our true nature and the truth of our lives. Life at the level of the ego and the linear artificial mind is sustained through the power of belief in rigid thought forms. As long as we continue to believe in our thought forms, dogmas, opinions, and doctrines, we remain imprisoned within the bubble of our karma. Then we are lost in the world of dream, believing in the illusion that we see on the walls of that bubble. It would not matter except that we are dangerous in this state of illusion. We are dangerous to ourselves and we are dangerous to all the other living beings in this world.

What will it take to awaken the sleeping humanity? How do we get through to those who do not care? How do we convey to them that there is another way of being in this world of dreaming? Humanity is desperately in need of awakening from the nightmare and tyranny of the human ego and limited linear mind. The way of awakening and being lucid in this dreamlike reality of our lives reveals the truth of who we are allowing us to manifest the dream of living fully as one with the entirety of the whole creation as well as the creator of this dream, or Dream Being if you will.


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